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Temat: Kubatko - "Prague Nights EP"
on "Prague Nights" Osunlade: quality stuff..my fav is " i like what you say"!! congrats!!! Oscar P: excellent tracks....also from last ep...playing AREA as well. Robert Owens: thx loco, from first listen, swing into sleep, really stands out, but all tracks cool Sven Jacobsen: if prague is half nice as this ep i wanna live in prague. great work, i love it. ... /Seamless Recordings/: Thanks for the promo. I think swing me to sleep is the best mix from all the tracks, but not as good as the stuff you have been releasing lately. I think they would be good with remixes from yourselves. Rafa AlcĂĄntara a.k.a. Dj Killer /Natural Breaks Records/: Nice tracks, "I like what you say" is perfect for my deep set. Richard Earnshaw /Duffnote | One51 | Guess | Kinetic Management/: Kubatko - Swing Me Into Sleep is my favourite track. Perfect for the Spiritchaser sets. Jevne Miller /Onethirty Recordings/: Great ... from Loco Records! All three of these tracks will find their way into my chillout sets. Keep up the good work!
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